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How to Make the Most of Your Visit to a Sea View Restaurant in Candolim

  • 17th Mar 2024

Nestled along the sun-kissed shores of Goa lies the picturesque town of Candolim, where every corner boasts a postcard-worthy view. Among its many delights, one experience stands out—the enchanting sea view restaurants that offer a feast for the senses. If you find yourself in this coastal paradise, particularly at Palms n Sands on Candolim Beach, prepare to embark on a culinary journey unlike any other. Here’s how you can make the most of your visit:

  1. Arrive Early For The Golden Hour:

The beauty of watching the sun go down; it’s like a painter who has chosen the best colour and paint the sky with colours of orange and pink. This spectacular moment can be captured by reaching Palms n Sands early. As it’s getting close to the golden hour, take a refreshing cocktail and let the dreamy atmosphere surround you.

  1. Indulge in Coastal Cuisine:

Seafood is the king of the Goan cuisine and Palms n Sands. Fresh prawns and the catch of the day are only two examples of the selection of seafood delicacies prepared by talented chefs. Choose your favourite one! Don’t deprive yourself of the real Goan taste that fuses various spices and reflects the region’s strong culinary origin.

  1. Savour Signature Cocktails:

Any visit to the sea view restaurant will not be considered complete if you don’t taste their special cocktails. This is where mixologists at Palms n Sands make imaginative concoctions and give them names derived from Goan flavors. Regardless of your choice between the classic mojito or a new fusion of local fruits, every sip definitely helps you forget the mainland living with the taste of paradise.

  1. Take a Stroll Along the Beach:

After a sumptuous meal, take advantage of your proximity to the beach and go for a leisurely stroll along the shore. Feel the soft sand beneath your feet, listen to the rhythmic sound of the waves, and breathe in the salty sea air. It’s the perfect way to digest your meal while basking in the natural beauty that surrounds you.

  1. Capture Memories:

The unique sea views and the riots of colours that the Palms n Sands restaurant presents creates the perfect background for you to have the best memories of your life. Regardless of whether you use a DSLR or just smartphone, it is essential to capture the beauty of the restaurant and its surroundings, and look back to them even when you are not there.

  1. Engage in Water Sports and Activities:

Complement your visit to Palms n Sands by combining it with the water sports and activities situated around. You can experience the speed and thrill of jet skiing or the serenity and freedom of parasailing, which will make your stay here unforgettable. Whether you are an adventure lover or looking just for a tranquil stay they are the icing on the cake that adds to the fun and thrill of your dining experience. Well, don’t let this uncommon opportunity of some aquatic adventures slip from your hands. They are just steps from the restaurant.

In conclusion, a visit to a sea view restaurant in Candolim, particularly Palms n Sands on Candolim Beach, is more than just a dining experience—it’s a journey of the senses. From indulging in delectable coastal cuisine to savouring signature cocktails against the backdrop of the Arabian Sea, every moment is infused with magic. So, pack your appetite and sense of adventure, and prepare to savour the serenity of this coastal gem.